PhD Students:

Mehdi Azabou

Program: Machine Learning, ECE
Bio: Mehdi is a third year PhD student in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. He received his MS in Engineering from CentraleSupelec, France in 2019 and a MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2020. His interests lie in Deep Learning, Computational Neuroscience and Representation Learning on Graphs and Manifolds. He is excited about finding applications of machine learning that can improve our understanding of the brain and is an enthusiast for dynamic and interactive visualizations that can provide insights into complex data and enable new ways of thinking.

Chi-Heng Lin

Program: ECE
Bio: Chi-Heng is currently an ECE PhD student at Georgia Tech. He received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a Masters in Statistics from Columbia University. His research interests lie in applied mathematics, which includes applications in machine learning and digital signal processing. His research thus far has focused on optimal transport and Bayesian optimization and its applications in cost-constrained system optimization for brain mapping. He is excited about both using machine learning to uncover the mysteries of the brain as well as taking inspiration from the human brain to improve machine learning.

Ran Liu

Program: Machine Learning, ECE
Bio: Ran is a Machine Learning PhD student at Georgia Tech. Originally from mainland China, Ran received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from Fudan University with a lot of extra courses in data science, mathematics, and social science. Ran is broadly interested in machine learning and deep learning, and is particularly passionate about problems that utilize advanced machine learning algorithms on challenging practical problems in the field of health. Outside of research, Ran enjoys observing online communities and playing with her super adorable cat whose Instagram is @tiggerisasmalltiger.

Jorge Quesada

Program: Machine Learning, ECE
Bio: Jorge is a second year PhD student in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. Originally from Lima, Peru, he received his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, focusing on image processing and optimization courses. He went on to pursue an MS in Digital Signal and Image Processing at the same institution, where he became interested in the cross-fertilization between the fields of computational neuroscience and machine learning. He’s excited about the study of machine learning methods that may help improve our understanding of the human brain, as well as drawing from current ideas in neuroscience to build better machine learning techniques. When he’s not doing research, Jorge enjoys swimming, hiking and playing video games.

Lakshmi Sathidevi

Program: ECE
Bio:   Lakshmi is a PhD student in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. She received her M.S. in ECE from Georgia Tech and her B.Tech. in ECE from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India. She has a deep interest in machine learning (ML) and its applications in the biomedical field. She is also keenly interested in the application of ML on graphs and in the design of novel ML methods. She finds a deep meaning in being able to apply the discoveries and insights from research to impactful applications that can benefit a larger community of people. Personally, she loves painting and badminton.

Aidan Schneider

Program: Computational and Systems Biology
Washington University in St. Louis

Biography:  Aidan is a PhD student in Computational & Systems Biology at Washington University in St. Louis in the Hengen Lab and works in close collaboration with the NerDS Lab. He received a B.S. in Molecular BioSciences & Biotechnology and also a B.S. in Finance from Arizona State University in 2018. Aidan applies deep learning to characterize the influence of behavior, genetics, and anatomy on neuronal computations throughout the brain. He aims to develop models which generalize and transfer successfully across diverse contexts. He also hopes deep learning can facilitate insight from data with minimal pre-processing. Outside the lab, Aidan enjoys hiking and developing tabletop role-playing games.

Masters Students:

Jingyun Xiao

Masters in Computer Science

Venkataramana (Venky) Ganesh

Program: Masters in Computer Science
Bio: Venky is an MS in Computer Science student at Georgia Tech (Incoming, Fall 2022). He received his Bachelors (B.Tech Hons.) in Computer Science from National institute of Technology – Tiruchirappalli, India in 2020 and has since then worked at NVIDIA contributing to Machine Learning on GPUs. His interests broadly lie in exploring how intelligence emerges from the brain, how it can be computed in machines and how to efficiently implement them. His hobbies include sketching, calisthenics and watching sci-fi films/documentaries.

Undergraduate Students:

Michael Mendelson

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Bio:  Michael is a second-year Biomedical Engineering student at Georgia Tech.  His academic interests are broad, but he is particularly interested in the intersection between computation and biological processes, especially with regards to neuroscience.  Michael is also a budding jazz musician and music producer.  He is excited to be able to incorporate many of his interests into the lab, and looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the field.

Joy Jackson

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Biography:  Joy is a third-year student majoring in biomedical engineering at the University of Miami, with a double minor in art and biological physics. She is interested in biomechanics, particularly with the structure and function of different tissues and cells. Though machine learning is still relatively new to her, it has been incredible to see its application through this lab and she’s looking forward to exploring it more! Outside of school and research, she enjoys playing tennis, going to concerts, and keeping up with the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.

Carolina Urzay

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Biography:  Carolina is a fourth-year exchange student at Georgia Tech. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, where she has noticed her interest in math and programming. She is taking the opportunity of being at Georgia Tech and the lab to learn more about data science and machine learning and to combine it with the curiosity for the nervous system she has always had. Both outside and inside her academical and research interests, she loves to see new places, meet new people and learn new things.

Matthew Jin

Program: Computer Science

Biography:  Matthew is a third-year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech who is also pursuing a minor in Biomedical Engineering. His general interest lies in understanding the underlying mechanisms of consciousness. To do so, Matthew aims to apply his knowledge of computer science and machine learning to problems in neuroscience. He is excited to be a part of the lab and is looking forward to learning more about the intersection between these two fields. In his free time, Matthew enjoys drawing, reading fantasy novels, and dabbling in recreational mathematics.


  • Geethika Atmakuri, High School Student (2024)
  • James Chen, Alpharetta High School (2023), GT distance Math program
  • Samay Desai, Alpharetta High School (2023), GT distance Math program
  • Chinmay Joshi, Walton High School (2022), dual enrollment @ GT



Graduate students and postdocs:

Graduate student in ECE 2018-2021 Ph.D. student in ECE at GT w/ Hannah Choi
Kyle Milligan Graduate student in BME 2018-2020 Biostatistics at Northrup Grumman
TJ LaGrow Graduate student in ECE 2017-2019;
NSF GRFP Honorable Mention
Insight Optics, MBA student at GT
Farahnaz Soleimani Postdoc w/
Susan Margulies

Selected undergraduates and interns:

Carolina Urzay Undergrad in BME – Visiting Student from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain 2021-2022 Masters @ TU Delft
Zijing Wu Undergrad in CS / Math 2020-2021 Anqi Wu’s lab at GT
Max Dabagia Undergrad in ECE 2018-2020;
Ph.D. student in ACO at Georgia Tech w/ Santosh Vempala
Amaal Abdi High School Intern 2020-2021 Undergrad, Wharton @ U Penn
Joseph D. Miano Undergrad in CS 2018-2020;
M.S. in CS at GT,
now AI & ML Associate
at JPMorgan Chase
Heather Whittaker Undergrad in CS/BME 2018-2019
Alexis Webber Undergrad in BME 2017-2019;
Charles Hancock
Award for Neuroengineering Research
Alpha Omega
Bioinformatics at Emory University 2018 Research Tech at Yale Medical School