PhD Students:

Mehdi Azabou

Machine Learning

Biography:Mehdi is a first year PhD student in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. He received his MS in Engineering from CentraleSupelec, France in 2019 and will receive his MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2020. His interests lie in Deep Learning, Computational Neuroscience and Representation Learning on Graphs and Manifolds. He is particularly excited about finding applications of machine learning that improve the understanding of the brain. He is an enthusiast for dynamic and interactive visualizations that can deepen the understanding and enable new ways of thinking.

Aishwarya Balwani

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Biography: Aishwarya is an ECE PhD student whose research interests lie at the intersection of ML, Math, DSP, and Comp Neuro. She primarily studies representations found in (artificial and biological) neural networks, in particular, their inherent dimensionality, the manifolds described by them, the roles of architecture and regularization in learning them, and ways to measure their suitability for a particular task using information geometry and linear algebra. Aish hopes to apply the results of her research to better understand the links between structure and function in the brain across varying neurological states, as well as to develop machine learning systems that are more data efficient, interpretable, flexible, and require less supervision.

Max Dabagia

Computer Science

Biography: Max is a first year Ph.D. student in CS. The thread tying together his various research interests is the application of techniques from optimal transport to problems in computational neuroscience. The first of these focuses on studying how the information geometry of large populations of neurons changes over long recording intervals and how to correct for it, allowing for more robust neural decoding. Another project examines the variability of the shape of neural pathways, with an eye towards studying the impacts of neurodegenerative disease.

Chi-Heng Lin

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Biography: Chi-Heng received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and is currently an ECE PhD student at Georgia Tech. His research interests lie in applied mathematics, which includes applications in machine learning and digital signal processing. His research thus far has focused on Bayesian optimization and its applications in cost-constrained system optimization for brain mapping. He is excited about both using machine learning to uncover the mysteries of the brain as well as taking inspiration from the human brain to improve machine learning.

Ran Liu

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Biography: Ran is a Machine Learning PhD student at Georgia Tech. Originally from mainland China, Ran received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from Fudan University with a lot of extra courses in data science, mathematics, and social science. Ran is broadly interested in machine learning and deep learning, and is particularly passionate about problems that utilize advanced machine learning algorithms on challenging practical problems in the field of health. Outside of research, Ran enjoys observing online communities and playing with her super adorable cat whose Instagram is @tiggerisasmalltiger.

Undergraduate Students:

Kartik Narang

Computer Science


Kartik Narang is a freshman at Georgia Tech pursuing a CS degree. His previous research has focused on Human Pose Estimation, but he has a developing passion for the broad fields of ML, Computer Vision, and Neural Modeling. In this lab, Kartik currently focuses on deriving automated methods to clean up the classification errors of blood vessels and cell bodies when breaking down 3D data into 2D planes. As Kartik learns more about this data, he is excited to get involved in all the other projects the lab is working on and explore generative techniques of Machine Learning with the neural data. Kartik eventually hopes to apply his insights into health and biomedical fields.

High School Interns:

  • Shanthi Hegde, Lambert High School
  • Amaal Abdi, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology



  • Farahnaz Soleimani, PhD from Georgia Tech (co-supervised w/ Susan Margulies), 2017-2018

Graduate students:

  • Kyle Milligan, MS in BioE, 2018-2020; Next position: Biostatistician at the Centers for Disease Control
  • TJ LaGrow, MS in ECE, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2017-2019; Next position: Insight Optics
  • Praveen Suthaharan, MS in Biostatistics at Emory, Rotation student, 2018; Next position: Research Tech at Yale Med School

Selected undergraduate students:

  • Max Dabagia, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2018-2020; NSF Graduate Research Fellow, PURA Award
  • Joseph Miano, Computer Science, 2018-2020; PURA Award
  • Heather Whittaker, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, 2018-2019
  • Alexis Webber, Biomedical Engineering, 2017-2019; Charles Hancock Undergraduate Research Award in BME