Check out our new paper at ICIP on multi-scale segmentation of brain structure from X-ray microCT image volumes!  [Check out our paper here!]

Abstract:   Methods for resolving the brain’s microstructure are rapidly improving, allowing us to image large brain volumes at high resolutions. As a result, the interrogation of samples spanning multiple diversified brain regions is becoming increasingly common. Understanding these samples often requires multiscale processing: segmentation of the detailed microstructure and large-scale modelling of the macrostructure. Current brain mapping algorithms often analyze data only at a single scale, and optimization for each scale occurs independently, potentially limiting the consistency, performance, and interpretability. In this work we introduce a deep learning framework for segmentation of brain structure at multiple scales. We leverage a modified U-Net architecture with a multi-task learning objective and unsupervised pre-training to simultaneously model both the micro and macro architecture of the brain. We successfully apply our methods to a heterogeneous, three-dimensional, X-ray micro-CT dataset spanning multiple regions in the mouse brain, and show that our approach consistently outperforms another multi-task architecture, and is competitive with strong single-task baselines at both scales.