Hands on Tech Summer Camp for High School Students

NerDS lab members developed an intro to image analysis and deep learning for high school students. We taught the module to two groups of high school students that participated in the HOT Days program organized by the ECE department at Georgia Tech.

Our python notebook and instructions on how to use Colaboratory are located on the lab’s github page. (Hands on Tech Github Repo)

Deep Learning for Microscopy Course @ MBL

Eva, Aish, and Joe had the opportunity to serve as instructors at the Deep Learning for Microscopy Workshop at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL). The course was organized by Jan Funke and Patrick LaRiviere and was funded by the National Center for Brain Mapping at the University of Chicago.

Review Paper – Generative Models and Abstractions for Neuroanatomy

Check out our new review paper on generative models and abstractions for large-scale neuroanatomy datasets [PDF]. This review is part of a special issue on Machine Learning, Big Data, and Neuroscience in Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

Eva receives a Sloan Fellowship in Neuroscience

Eva was awarded a Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship in Neuroscience! She is honored to be one of two fellows from the BME department to be awarded a Sloan Fellowship, along with Chethan Pandarinath.

NerDS Fall Retreat

Getting out of the lab space, the NerDS explored some of the nature surrounding the greater Atlanta area at Roswell Mill where they hiked, picnicked, and skipped an abundance of rocks! The principle component was fun!

TJ presents his paper at EMBC!

TJ presented his new paper on using sparse approximation methods for estimating layers in cortical and retinal tissue samples at IEEE’s Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference. Way to go TJ!

Alexis receives a Charles Hancock Award!

Alexis Webber’s proposal to support her undergrad research in the lab was funded by the Charles I. Hancock Endowed Research Fund. Congrats Alexis!

New paper on brain decoding out!

A new paper from the lab was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. The paper was also featured in an article in Scientific American!


Allen Institute Next Generation Leader Award

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NerDS Lab research in the news!

Our recent eNeuro paper on X-ray microtomography-based brain mapping was featured in Newsweek! Check out the full article, written by Ben Brumfield at Georgia Tech!


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