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New paper on structured optimal transport to appear at ICML!

We are excited to present our new approach for structured optimal transport at ICML this year! For more details, checkout the preprint ( and our Github page for code (

The lab wins its first R01!!

The lab won its first R01 from the NIH! This project is sponsored by the NIH BRAIN Initiative’s Theory, Models, and Methods (TMM) Program. We look forward to doing rockin’ science with our collaborators in the Hengen lab under this award!

The lab wins a McKnight Tech Award!

The lab was selected to receive a McKnight Foundation Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award to fund our work in neural distribution alignment!! (Article)

A Deep Feature Learning Approach for Mapping the Brain’s Microarchitecture and Organization

Aish’s paper on deep representation learning for neuroanatomy is submitted!

Check out our preprint on bioRxiv (Link) and a short version of the paper that appeared in a recent ICML Workshop on Scientific Discovery (Link)!

Max is awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Congratulations to Max Dabagia for being awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Max will be starting his PhD in the ML-CS program in Fall. Way to go Max!!

NerDS Lab @ NeurIPS

At the main meeting, John presented new results on using optimal transport for distribution alignment at NeurIPS. Check out the paper and a website where we discuss applications of the method to neural recordings.

Following the main meeting, Max presented his work on using Wasserstein barycenter regression for connectomics at the Optimal Transport for Machine Learning (OTML) Workshop. The workshop was great, we learned a lot!

Deep Learning and Neuroscience at Asilomar 2019

Eva chaired the Deep Learning and Neuroscience session at the IEEE Signal Processing Society’s  53rd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers. We also had Aish present her work on Modeling Variability in Brain Architecture in the same session!

NerDS in Seattle! BioImage Informatics 2019

In October, members of the NerDS lab traveled to the Allen Institute in Seattle, Washington for BioImage Informatics 2019. Over the course of three days, the Allen Institute hosted talks on research at the intersection of machine learning, image processing, cell science, and neuroscience. Lab members presented three posters on machine learning and neuroscience, which provided a great opportunity to share, network, and learn. Afterwards, we all had fun exploring Seattle!

Hands on Tech Summer Camp for High School Students

NerDS lab members developed an intro to image analysis and deep learning for high school students. We taught the module to two groups of high school students that participated in the HOT Days program organized by the ECE department at Georgia Tech.

Our python notebook and instructions on how to use Colaboratory are located on the lab’s github page. (Hands on Tech Github Repo)

Deep Learning for Microscopy Course @ MBL

Eva, Aish, and Joe had the opportunity to serve as instructors at the Deep Learning for Microscopy Workshop at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL). The course was organized by Jan Funke and Patrick LaRiviere and was funded by the National Center for Brain Mapping at the University of Chicago.

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